VIT LABS IridoLabsm

IridoLabsm is a breakthrough, first and only one of its kind, fully automated and noninvasive, iris-based biometric health evaluation* system designed for individuals who want to proactively monitor their health and the health of their families. IridoLabsm is safe, fast, economical, and effective.

IridoLabsm Configurations

IridoLabsm is available in Self-Service Kiosk and Tabletop configurations – both well suited for retail establishments.

 IridoLabsm is designed for placement in establishments that sell vitamins, supplements, and other products or services targeted to health conscious consumers. Access to IridoLabsm empowers consumers who are otherwise unsure of whether or not to purchase vitamins and/or nutritional supplements to make informed purchase decisions. In addition to that, IridoLabsm helps consumers select products from among the numerous products offered at the retail establishment where IridoLabsm is deployed. IridoLabsm enables consumers to quickly receive their personalized health evaluation of every major anatomical system.

In addition to showing the evaluation results, IridoLabsm Evaluation report correlates products offered at the store with particular areas of concern identified on the evaluation report. Product selection is simplified for the consumer because IridoLabsm Evaluation report shows products that are recommended by product manufacturers for consumers interested in improving function of the anatomical systems that show deviation from norms on the report. For example, if IridoLabsm shows potential issues with consumer’s digestive system, the report will include a list of vitamins and/or supplements that are advertised/suggested by manufacturer as products that contribute to the health of digestive system.

IridoLabsm incorporates the latest scientific advances in biometric health evaluation and produces an evaluation of all major anatomical systems and organs and of your general constitution.

*Disclaimer:  The Evaluation Report is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Only a licensed physician can provide a true diagnosis, determine whether or not treatment is required and/or prescribe any medication for you. IF YOU HAVE A MEDICAL EMERGENCY OR NEED IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ASSISTANCE, PLEASE CALL 911 OR CONSULT A LICENSED PHYSICIAN OR AN EMERGENCY MEDICAL FACILITY IMMEDIATELY.

Kiosk Configuration
Tabletop Configuration